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High-pressure water-jet cutting is considered a high tech method. Thanks to a variety of applications, it has found its way into all industries, including the aviation, motoring, metal working, stone working, glass, construction, paper or food industries. The cutting tool used in this technology is a compressed high-pressure water jet with a diameter of a few tenths of a millimetre. This allows for achieving the highest degree of cutting precision, excellent repeatability of dimensions and extremely high quality of the edges cut, with no finishing necessary in most cases. The cutting water jet leaves only a small crack of a diameter equal to that of the water jet itself. One of the key advantages of the water-jet cutting technology is that it has no thermal effect on the material being cut and so the structure of the material remains unaffected. The maximum process temperature is 40oC. In addition, the material being cut is subjected to virtually no stress, as there is no direct contact between the material and the cutting tool. For cutting metal, glass, stone or other hard material, a special method is available that involves adding abrasive material to the water jet for increased cutting force. This method is known as "Paser". Water-jet cutting is a universal cutting method. For some types of material, it is the only method of material processing that allows for achieving any effect in a single process operation.



Metalmix uses the world's best water-jet cutting machine, IFB2 (6000 BAR), manufactured by FLOW INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, a US company that is the leading supplier of such technologies. In the cutting process, a jet of water is applied to the material being cut at a pressure of approx. 6000 bar, which allows for processing materials with a thickness of up to 500 mm in the case of large projects or up to 190 mm for standard cutting jobs. The working area of the machine is 3600 mm x 1800 mm.

We are one of the few companies to use a machine equipped with Dynamic Waterjet, a system with active cutting-die control. The use of this system eliminates water jet deviation and the resulting lack of a right angle, a side effect that leads to geometric defects in the material being cut. The difference between the speed of the water jet entering the material and the speed of the jet leaving the material, combined with a change in the structure of the jet during the cutting operation, results in the crack at the top being smaller than the crack at the bottom of the material being cut. The use of the Dynamic Waterjet active cutting-die control system allows us to achieve the smallest possible tolerances regardless of the cutting speed. This method is a guarantee of improved production efficiency compared to the conventional water-jet abrasive cutting method.


The working area of the machine is 3600 mm x 1800 mm.Using this machine, we can process virtually any type of material, particularly the following:
- steel (alloy steel, structural steel, stainless steel),
- non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper, brass, aluminium),
- plastics,
- glass,
- rubber,
- stone,
- ceramics,
- wood-based materials.

If you wish to place an order or request a quote for your project, provide us with printouts or CAD files (.dwg or .dxf) of the technical documentation for the items you require. You can send us the files by electronic mail. on Facebook on Youtube